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Thierry Vezon, « Entre ciel et terre »

Thierry Vezon, « Entre ciel et terre »

From July 6th to September 20th, come and discover the exhibition of the talented Thierry Vezon's photographs in our shop in Aigues-Vives! You will be able to meet the photographer on July 21st, during a conference about ornithology, accompanied by Frédéric Lamouroux, director of the Ornithological Park of Pont de Gau.

Thierry Vezon has been working since 2004 to highlight the regions he visits, living in the Gard, his favourite places are the Languedoc, the Provence, the Camargue and the Cévennes, which he photographs, always with respect for nature and its inhabitants.

His photographs of wildlife and landscapes have been published many times in periodicals in France and abroad (Terre Sauvage, Nat'Images, BBC Wildlife Magazine...) but also in books he has written such as Gard Sauvage (Editions du Cogard) or Camargue Indiscrète (Equinoxe).

We have collected the words of the artist, Thierry Vezon, because in the end, he is the only one who can tell us the genesis of his work: "For 7 years I flew over the Camargue in a microlight, and more particularly over the Salins, which take on exceptional colours in summer. My eye sharpened and focused on pictorial details, ephemeral creations. A series of photographs was born from the vision of this alchemy between different elements - water, air, salt - which deliver to the surface of this aquatic world incredible abstract paintings worthy of Rothko, Mondrian or Zao Wou Ki. It is a pleasure to compose, to trigger, to reveal these graphic wonders, to play with these astonishing colours and the relief. The strength of the abstract is the subjectivity, the dream, where forms, colours, lights, textures, flows, movement are mixed... Everyone feels, guesses what he wants in these images, according to his sensitivity and his imagination. My hope is also that these images will bring about beautiful emotions...".

Through his words, we understand that the exhibition Camargue entre ciel et terre was born of a true passion for the raw beauty of nature and the animals that reside there, especially the horse and the pink flamingo, emblematic of the Camargue.

The vibrant colours you will see in the photographs are not the result of retouching, only the contrast has been enhanced to highlight them.

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