Leather Sole

This cow leather called "Croupon" is tanned from 100% plant material such as bark of Mimosa, Chestnut and Quebracho. Very thick, 4.5 mm thick, it is soaked in baths tannins for nearly 30 days which gives our soles, strength and prestige..

Non-slip pads

To preserve your leather sole and avoid slipping, especially when they are new and perfectly smooth, we propose (and recommend) the laying of non-slip pads.

Boots, low shoes (black rubber pads)

Sandals and slippers (beige rubber pads +heels)

Insole of our sandals

We use the same tanner as our leather sole, but we use another product of its range, which is also known in the world of luxury shoes: the collar at first. Its manufacture from 100% plant material (chromium-free) guarantee excellent foot hygiene.

Airlite insole

The AirliteĀ®, thanks to its formulation and processing technique, is very light, and brings great walking comfort, excellent abrasion resistance, and excellent shock absorption.

Crepe insole (Natural rubber)

Natural crepe soles have excellent properties: ecological, recyclable, abrasion resistant, highly elastic and flexible, waterproof and finally, unaffected by acidic substances, alkaline and saline.

Rubber sole notched

This 100% natural rubber combines comfort, lightness, adherence, flexibility, and excellent resistance to breakage and wear.

Sport rubber sole:

City rubber sole:

Honey sole (Elastomer beige)

This thin rubber outsole offers great flexibility and good adhesion with its pyramid-shaped profile. It is particularly recommended for children's shoes.

Vibram wedge

These micro-aerated soles are lightweight and provide excellent cushioning. You gain height and comfort.