Health / Physical integrity of employees

Our Atelier located in Aigues-Vives in the south of France is equipped with a centralized dust and solvent suction system. There are therefore no fine particles or solvent vapors in the air that our employees could inhale.

Fight against discriminations

La Botte Gardiane fights at its own level against discrimination of all kinds, whether in hiring or throughout the careers of its employees. Pay equality between men and women, the diversity of origins of employees as well as access to people with disabilities are a glimpse of this.

Favorise the well being at work

1. Work space

Everything is done, as far as possible, to promote well-being at work. The noise pollution that can be generated by the production activity is reduced thanks to the micro-perforated noise barriers which make the acoustics more pleasant.

To cope with the hot temperature, the building, in addition to being built according to the RT2012 standard, is fully air conditioned.

2. Common living place

The new premises of Aigues Vives have a spacious and bright break room with a terrace and warm furniture. Facilities promote playful activities and cohesion: a table football and a ping-pong table (made in France of course).

3. Life at work

To adapt to everyone's lifestyle, La Botte Gardiane has set up a time account: each employee can adapt their schedule as they wish and make up for non-working hours if necessary.

Every 2 weeks, we have a "fougasse meeting" (regional baking specialty) to talk about the health of the business, the status of orders, the difficulties or successes we are having.

Finally, each employee is invited twice a year to an individual interview to explain their feelings about the position in question, their work environment, their cohesion with the team and their aspirations.

We try to make sure that no one comes with negative stress, lump in their stomach.