Savoir-faire (Know-how)

Our savoir-faire/know-how of excellence since 1958 permit us to be labelised “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” a French label who is a mark of recognition of the French State to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional savoir-faire/know-how.

The entire production is French, shoes and accessories are entirely made in our atelier in Aigues-Vives, between Nîmes and Montpellier.

Made in Camargue

Stability of suppliers / resellers

We have established a lasting relationship of trust, durable, with our main suppliers. Our ethic isn’t to obtain a price, but to always have a quality product, if possible in France. Indeed, we select French supplier only if quality criteria are present, the product must have real added value.

Suppliers localisation

Generally, 65% of our supply comes from France, 25% from Italy and 10% from Spain.

In particular, our leathers come from:

-          From Alsace for full grain supple calf and fat full leather who constitute the essential of our production.

-          From Mazamet for our metalized leather.

-          From Graulhet for our sheep leather.

-          From Italy for our famous Camargue « Croupon », suede calf, glittery calf leather, green tanning leather, python imitation leather, patent and hair leathers.

-          From Spain for waxed leather and our soles leathers.

-          From France for our boxes, sewing thread, needles, rubber soles, silk paper and laces.