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French heritage, Botte Gardiane and naked men

French heritage, Botte Gardiane and naked men

Today let us introduce you to (but most of American fashionistas already know) one of the 200 products* who make France what it is : La Botte Gardiane.

Today let us  introduce you to (but most of American fashionistas already know) one of the 200 products* who make France what it is : La Botte Gardiane.

*according to French newspaper  Marianne in December 2014.

 Located in the Camargue (south of France), in a small village called Villetelle,  between Nîmes (the origin of the word Denim comes from “de Nimes”, from Nimes), and Montpellier. Within the 500 square meters of La Botte Gardiane’s factory, 18 craftsmen produce the famous boots that the Camargue Guardians have been wearing since the launch of the company in 1958.

The Gardians are the French version of cow boys who keep the local bulls – taureaux of Camargue and ride the white horses of Camargue, horses that have lived in the region since at least Paleolithic times.

Being one of the last manufacturer that work in the traditional way and 100% made in France, the company received in 2007 the French label ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’, certification of Living Heritage. A label awarding the “Manufacturing Excellence” and craftsmanship by the French Ministry of Economics according to the UNESCO’s Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The making process

 La Botte Gardiane produces more than 20,000 pairs a year, entirely made in France: the leather comes from Alsacian tannery Dagermann who also supplies Hermes, Ralph Lauren and other luxury brands. This high-end leather, tanned with hot vegetable fat, is very flexible and resists to water. All the processing of one shoe requires 4 experts: a cutter, a machinist, a fitter and a finisher. There are 60 steps in the making of one pair of boots and the whole process takes 3 hours.

A family story

Antoine (38), Julien (36) and Fanny (31), 3 brothers and sister are behind that incredible success story.  The new generation of Agulhon (family name) added a modern twists to the traditional lines that increased interest aboard. The boys, Antoine and Julien brought their expertise in business development, finance, engineering and marketing.  Fanny, the youngest and the so talented creative one, went to London to integrate the most popular and international renowned Cordwainers Accessories Design at London University of the Arts (following the steps of Jimmy Choo, Rupert Sanderson, Patrick Cox, Atalanta Weller, or Shau Har Lee), and became an amazing shoe designer. She is currently running their 2 boutiques in Paris.
With a lot of work and love, and with incredibly involved 18 co-workers; they gave a new breath to La Botte Gardiane and propose now a wide range of traditional and trendy shoes and also cute and must-have fashion accessories. They also open the brand to the Fashion world: being covered by main Fashion magazines such as Vogue or Elle,
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