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Masters Lettre M competition

Masters Lettre M competition

The letter M-magazine’s entrepreneur award - 8 octobre 2019 - ©André HAMPARTZOUMIAN

The 24th ceremony of the Letter M Masters took place on the 30th of September in the prestigious setting of Opéra-Comédie in Montpellier. More than 1000 decision-makers were present. Thirteen companies from ex Languedoc-Roussillon region were shredded light on. The rankings of 2019 stand out by their diversity in line of business. From the cooperative group Arterris embodying the importance of agriculture in the region to the small Montpellier Company (2 employees) Idéalys that contribute to build the city of tomorrow with software dedicated to “smart-city”, passing by luxury handcraft represented by La Botte Gardiane (In the Gard region).

Based on the recommendations from the M-magazine’s journalists, the auditors from audit firm Aixome, who are also the organizer of the event did not hesitate to travel all the way to Saint-Chély d’Apacher in Lozère region to discover Boucharenc company, that illustrate perfectly a successful family transmission.

Masters Lettre M

Marie-Thérèse Mercier (regional councilor) representing Nadia Pellefigue (Vice President of Occitanie Region in charge of economic growth, research, innovation and higher education) gives the Regional Award to Julien and Antoine Agulhon the associate directors of La Botte Gardiane (Design and manufacturing of leather shoes, Aigues-Vives, Gard)

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