La Botte Gardiane is pleased to offer you in addition to its production workshop, four sales areas entirely dedicated to its products in the most well located area in Paris:

Bastille’s boutique: Our historic boutique brand (opened in 2012) is located at 25 rue de Charonne in the Bastille district, Around the famous Column of July, Place de la Bastille is the crossroads of encounters and stories. The great history is deciphered in its ancient monuments and its winding streets, worthy of a movie set. Under an air of romance, the record is created in its legendary night clubs, ethnic grocery stores and art spaces forward thinking. Its parks and gardens allow escape from the hectic atmosphere of the neighborhood. full of restaurants and independent shops. It is in a warm and friendly that you will find the range of brand products. The shop is open to the whole family, the sizes range from 23 to 47 with possible half sizes for most models.

Marais ‘s boutique:You will discover in the Marais our second store opened in December 2014 in the cozier and more selective models. The products are geared toward the male sex, of course you will find the whole range of women with also our sandals, bags and belts, all manufactured from beautiful vegetable-tanned leather in Cam argue. You will love pop in our store and on the same time discover the Marais, who embodies the charm of old and liveliness of the modern city. We love getting lost in the cobbled streets of this neighborhood nicknamed the "Old Paris". We discover sumptuous hidden courtyards, one unearths there bakeries with walls covered with ivy, of provocative art galleries. The large gay community, who has taken up residence, takes great care to preserve the heritage and neat aesthetics of this beautiful area. For customers who want to own an exclusive model, the shops also offer a bespoke service. Choice of colors, textures, customizes your shoes envy into a single model.

The production workshop in Aigues-Vives is open to the public and it owns a beautiful shop. A new shop has opened in Lyon 2e, in May, 2018. This area is a genuine showcase of La Botte Gardiane know-how. You can also find La Botte Gardiane all over the world throughout our e-shop.

The New York Times speaks of our Charonne shop, as one of the places to discover in Paris

Shop La Botte Gardiane in The New York Times

boutique d'atelier La Botte gardiane Aigues-Vives

La Botte Gardiane - Manufacture & Shop - Aigues-Vives

ZA Lallemande - RN113 

(next to Lidl & Foir'Fouille)

30670 Aigues-Vives

Tel. : +33(0) 4 66 73 20 85

Manufacture opening hours : 

From monday to friday 7. 45 am-7 pm

Manufacture's shop opening hours :

From monday to Friday : 7.45 am-7 pm

Saturday : 10 am-7 pm

Exceptional opening Sunday 13th January from 2 to 6pm

Boutique La Botte Gardiane Paris rue de Charonne

La Botte Gardiane shop - Paris // Charonne

25, rue de Charonne - 75011 Paris

Tel. : +33 (0)95 111 05 15

Opening hours : 

Monday-Friday 11.00am-2.00pm and 3.00pm-8.00pm. Saturday 11.00am-8.00pm.

Sales from January 9th to February 19th 

Bastille's shop photo gallery

Boutique La Botte Gardiane Paris le Marais

La Botte Gardiane shop - Marais // Paris

25, rue du bourg Tibourg - 75004 Paris

Tel. : +33(0)1 77 16 58 45

Opening hours : 

Monday-Friday 12.00am-8.00pm. Saturday 11.00am-8.00pm. Sunday 2.00pm-7.00pm

Sales from January 9th to February 19th

Boutique La Botte Gardiane Paris le Marais

La Botte Gardiane shop - Lyon

6 rue Confort - 69002 Lyon

Tel. : +33(0)‭4 37 57 68 09‬

Opening hours : 

Tuesday-Saturday 11.00am-7.00pm.

Sales from January 9th to February 19th